• Laminated reference guides
  • Indestructible, beachproof, and waterproof
  • Written and illustrated by local experts
  • 80+ titles


  • Available in individual mailing tubes
  • Or matted and framed to your specifications
  • 45+ titles

Boxed Notes

  • Each includes eight (8) 3.5″ x 5″ cards and envelopes
  • Printed on recycled and recyclable paper
  • 90+ titles

Greeting Cards

  • 5″ X 7″, each with envelope and re-sealable plastic sleeve
  • Blank inside, species caption and artist bio on back
  • 435+ titles

We strive to…

  • create distinctive, useful products that realistically portray the natural world
  • design, manufacture, and assemble all our products in the USA
  • promptly answer your phone, fax, or email inquiries
  • ship your orders the day we receive them

Garden Fare!

Boxed Notes & Greeting Cards

Join the feast!

The Boxed Note assortments from Steven Lewers & Associates are a perfect fit for all six of our stores. Their beautiful bird and wildlife illustrations compliment the lifestyles and hobbies of our customers. We have them right next to our cash registers where we can share our enthusiasm with our customers and hear their enthusiastic responses. The quality of these products is outstanding! We’re proud to be selling USA made products.
Julia Traffe, Buyer, Achille Agway Stores, Peterborough, NH
The nature posters from Steven M. Lewers & Associates are in a league by themselves. They seem to find the best illustrators, create the best designs, and manufacture using the best paper, print quality, and packaging. And they do all this for a very reasonable price!
Laura Flores, Buyer, Guyette Gift Shop at Murdochs Pier, Galveston, TX
The FoldingGuides™ are one of our best-selling impulse items; beautifully designed, affordable, just what our curious customers want to know about our region’s delights. We display them right at the cash register(s) using their custom PlexiGlas™ displays… and sell them like mad!
Lise Bryant, Manager and Buyer, J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, FL
Everything from Steven M. Lewers & Associates sells so well in our store! Our customers never buy just one greeting card; they buy stacks. Folks are struck by the beautiful images at such great prices—and we love that they’re all made and assembled in the USA.
Colleen R. Carroll, Manager, Atticus Bookstore & Cafe, New Haven, CT
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