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A woman alone in her mid-life finds a home in a small New Hampshire town. Divorced, remarried and then widowed, she has a lot of reckoning to do, a lot of questions to answer, a lot of riddles to solve. She finds solace in the land around her, the big mountain, the fields and woods and ponds. Through these essays, written over the span of twenty-five years for Yankee magazine, she forms a union and a strength that only the natural world can provide.

  • Award-winning feature writer for Yankee Magazine
  • Other books include The View from Mary’s Farm, Monadnock Tales, and Saturday Beans & Sunday Suppers
  • Teaches writing in workshops and writing programs
  • Gives frequent talks throughout New England
  • ISBN: 978-0-9719934-9-5

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Praise for As Simple As That:

My only regret with As Simple As That is that it came to an end. Each essay is a narrative gem about the pleasures and duties of life on this planet, sharp-eyed and warm-hearted, as deeply rooted in the soil of New England as a Robert Frost poem.
– Richard Adams Carey, author of “In the Evil Day”

Delivered in an elegant style, these essays are lessons on how to live in small-town New England: kite flying on a frozen lake, ways to cook green tomatoes, keeping an old house, searching for a dog caught in a tornado, wood heat, coping with spring mud. Taken as whole, they are a philosophical inquiry into what some people call mindfulness. Clark teaches us how to pay attention to the moments that make up our lives. This is a beautiful book about love, grief, and the natural world. It reads like a how-to manual but feels like a lyric poem. I was deeply moved by it.
– Ernest Hebert, author of “Howard Elman’s Farewell”

Edie Clark’s Yankee column is a national treasure. This book glows with a life closely and kindly observed, days well-lived and well-loved. Reading this book will make you feel like you are sitting in her warm, sunny kitchen, listening to her tell you heart-warming, spell-binding stories.
– Sy Montgomery, author of “The Soul of an Octopus”

I first met Edie Clark as a reader which introduced me to her quiet style, her sure eye for detail, and her compassion for the people she meets along the way. All of Edie’s writing breathes at the right rate. Her sentences have enough room in them for her readers to feel at home.
– Howard Mansfield, author of “Dwelling in Possibility, Searching for the Soul of Shelter”

Edie Clark’s clear-eyed and lyrical essays capture the essence of New England’s weather, seasons, landscape and wonderfully independent-minded natives the way Wendell Berry’s writing evokes the natural world of Kentucky. In the tradition of Frost, Thoreau, and Emily Dickinson, Ms. Clark shows us how the small and large satisfactions of living close to nature can inform life with grace, meaning, and beauty.
– Howard Frank Mosher,author of “God’s Kingdom”

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