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“MAGICAL JOURNEY lives up to its ambitious title.  Katrina shows us a path into the future that is generous, brave, and open-hearted. I’ve given MAGICAL JOURNEY to so many people and the response has been unanimous – love.–Ann Patchett 

“No longer indispensable, no longer assured of our old carefully crafted identities, no longer beautiful in the way we were at twenty or thirty or forty, we are hungry and searching nonetheless.”

With the candor and warmth that have endeared her to readers, Katrina reflects on the inevitable changes wrought by time: the death of a dear friend, children leaving home, recognition of her own physical vulnerability, and surprising shifts in her marriage.

More a spiritual journey than a physical one, this intimate memoir of loss, self-discovery, and growth will resonate deeply with any woman who has ever mourned the passage of time, questioned her own purpose, or wondered, “Do I have what it takes to create something new in my life?”

It was so beautifully written, I wore out a yellow marker highlighting my favorite lines.”–People

An intensely moving tribute to the importance of enjoying every moment of life. . . . Her journey will inspire tears and determination, and remind readers that anything, ‘done from the heart, changes the world in some small way for the better.’ ” –Publishers Weekly

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