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A long, narrative poem about Mount Monadnock, a mountain that is small in stature but big in the hearts of those who live near it and who recognize its mystical powers.

Monadnock rivals Mt. Fuji as the “most climbed mountain in the world,” and has been worshiped by artists, painters, and writers since the area was settled.

This poem is the result of a collaboration between Edie and composer Larry Siegel. Together, they created a musical work that arises from and reflects a love of the mountain and the Monadnock Region.

This work, which is the narrative portion of the musical work, features nine individual poems, and is a celebration of the mountain, a place know to Ralph Waldo Emerson as “Cheshire’s haughty hill” and to countless others as home.

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  • Award-winning feature writer for Yankee Magazine
  • Other books include The View from Mary’s Farm, The Place He Made, and Saturday Beans & Sunday Suppers
  • Teaches writing in workshops and writing programs
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  • ISBN: 978-1-621260-50-9

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