States of Grace: Encounters with Real Yankees (reseller)

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Open this book
and discover a treasure chest
of personalities.
Meet gardeners, beekeepers,
magicians, authors, boat builders,
historians, poets, fishermen,
a slave’s daughter,
and a very special shepherdess.
Meet a man who can turn recyclables
into museum pieces.
Wade in a swamp
in search of turtles.
Drive into the wilds of Maine
in search of honey.
Change a high school.
Gather wild mushrooms.
Climb a mountain. And be healed.
All while sitting in your favorite chair.
Thirty-two memorable characters,
taken from thirty years
of Edie Clark’s archives.
Come along for a sweet ride
throughout New England,
all through the decades.
Each chapter includes an update,
the answer to the question:
what happened next?

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